7 Things You Don’t Want to Learn Too Late in Life

You win some, you learn some.

I try to make a point of not regretting things and doing my best but even with best intentions things don’t go to plan.

This list, from LifeHack, covers 7 key things you will benefit from learning now, rather than later..

My favourite?

4. Face Your Fears More

We all have fears ― some are justified and some are not ― but to grow and really get as much out of life as you can, you need to face your fears more often. Remember that many of your fears are only a product of your mind; they don’t actually exist. When you start to realise this, doing things you find intimidating and scary will actually become easier. The feeling you’ll get from facing your fears head on will be the best and most rewarding feeling you will ever have and, 100% guaranteed, it will always never feel as scary as your mind thought it was going to be.

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