Leading without a title

To win, you need to go all in.

Leading without a title, a phrase coined by Robin Sharma, simply means that no matter what your role in life or in your job or company, you can go above and beyond what is required and take the role of being a leader – without first waiting to be recognised as a leader.

In this short video he summises this concept which he has published in a book – The Leader Who Had No Title

He makes the following recommendations for leading without a title:

You have the responsibility to show leadership – if you work like Picasso painted and see yourself as an artisan and a perfectionist who strives to give their very best each day then immediately you are elevating yourself from the norm and from those who simply “punch in and punch out” at work doing the bare minimum to get by.

Constantly seek improvement – true leaders are always looking to improve or to simplify and improve efficiency.

Nourish relationships – encourage others to pursue their best and provide support and help where you can.

Radiate positive energy – don’t be a victim, be a leader and take responsibility for your actions and the situations in which you find yourself.

First 90 minutes – in the first 90 minutes of the day approach critical tasks only – no email!

Nightly debrief- by keeping a journal and logging what happened, what went well and what didn’t you can “get from the day” rather than simply “getting through the day”

Continual learning – reading books, watching videos on YouTube and learning new ideas from websites such as this will help keep your mind sharp and help expose you to new ideas.

If you could do more in your current workplace and lead without a title, what would you do?

…and why haven’t you done it yet?