Be a yaysayer, not a naysayer.

Even as I typed the title for this post, my Mac automatically changed “yaysayer” to “naysayer”. Even Google went against me –

Showing results for yeasayer Search instead for yaysayer

(Yeasayer is an American experimental rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2006 by the way..) This is my case in point. There is no such thing as a Yaysayer. But there should be. (Such fatalism reminds me of Murphy’s Law and pronoia) The world needs more openness, more yes, more yay! so why don’t we have it? and why isn’t it even a word? Why look for what could go wrong, when you can look for what could go so right? Remember that what you focus on, you tend to get more of, so best to focus on the good and the possibilities than not. What could you “Yaysay” today? Something to think about 🙂