Zig Ziglar

Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

Zig Ziglar (no that isn’t his real name!) takes a fundamental approach  to improving your life, achieving your goals and finding happiness.

“Attitude makes all the difference” is the best way to summise Zig’s approach – he gives examples and techniques for changing your approach to life and changing the way you think about things.

Having a positive attitiude, seeing life in the long term and understanding that you must contribute to others’ success in order to achieve your own success are the cornerstones of Zig’s many talks which can be found on YouTube – including my favourite concept – “stinkin thinkin”.

You can also find out more about Zig Ziglar’s life story.

See you at the top is the most famous of all of Zig Ziglar’s books – the video below is the full length audiobook which has been uploaded to YouTube. It’s an hour long but worth a listen if you can spare the time.