Be generous

When you share, everybody wins.

I am a firm believer in generosity – of ideas and time more so than money – and it features in the book The Rules of Life.

Being generous with your time, your skills, your time and information has a two-fold effect on your happiness.

Firstly, by sharing with others, you are encouraging them to be the best that that can be and reassuring them of your faith and loyalty.

Secondly, you are likely to experience that wonderfully satisfying feeling which can only be obtained by adding value to others and asking for nothing in return.

In the workplace in particular, not sharing important information in order to keep your own “advantage” is counter-intuitive.

By sharing your ideas you cultivate a reputation of innovation, selflessness and generosity.

At work, others will warm to you and they in turn may share their ideas with you, or as Robin Sharma tells us through his book The Leader Who Had No Title – don’t wait to be given the position of manager or supervisor to begin acting as such.

Consider taking a more responsible and balanced look at your position in the workplace and at home – consider how best you can improve things using the skills and information you already have.

If you have a special talent or skill – what are you gaining by keeping it to yourself? pass it on and reap the benefit.