Associate with positive people

You only get as far in life as the people you associate with.

Take a good long look at your friends, your colleagues, your family members and anyone with whom you often spend time with.

Ask yourself this question:

Are these people nourishing me as a person?

Really think about it.

We all know people who make a life out of complaining – they go out of their way to be offended, disappointed and upset as much as possible.

We also know or come across those who seem to radiate optimism and are a joy to be around.

The impact of associating with positive people cannot be understated; moods are contagious- whether good or bad- so if you spend enough time with a person you may adopt their mood.

Mood is critical to your success and happiness as it dictates your levels of interest and enthusiasm for any given task.

In much the same way that the opinions of others are to be considered but not adhered to, so too the moods of others should be noted but you are responsible for maintaining your own mood.

The next time you come across an extremely happy or unhappy person remember to observe their mood, and that you can choose your own mood.

It’s all too easy to be caught off-guard and naturally become as negative as other negative people- so this post is a friendly reminder to consider you are always in control.


Some people are destined to spend their lives being negative and I for one limit my time with these people where possible.

Life’s just too short.