The Problem With Being Too Agreeable

Nice guys finish last.

I suffer with this more often than I would like.

Being too nice.

Can you be “too nice”? yes, yes you can and there are people out there who are only too happy to take advantage of this temperament.

It boils down to this:

but being understanding often goes hand in hand with the desire to be understood. In other words, we’re nice to people because we want them to be nice to us.

Being “too nice” is about seeking to be liked and understood, we go the extra mile to make ourselves more agreeable and likeable but in doing so can end up being taken advantage of.

For this reason, agreeable people are often too nice. We agree to tasks we don’t have time to do. We agree to call a truce when we’re still hurt. We agree with opinions we don’t believe. And we agree to it all in the name of being loved and understood because we think pleasing others, somehow, will make us better people.

A fascinating topic.

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