The 5 Unshakable Traits of Mental Toughness

You either control your mind or it controls you.

Mental toughness is vital to getting where you want to go in life. It’s about adapting, pushing forward, trial and error.

This article from The Positivity Solution looks at the 5 core traits of true mental toughness.

My favourite?

4. They Keep Showing Up

Mentally tough people don’t commit when they feel like it. They commit. Period.

They don’t workout only when they feel like it–they workout. They don’t write their book only when the spark of inspiration strikes–they write the book. They don’t save money only when something that they want isn’t on sale–they save money. Most of all, they don’t do what’s necessary to improve their lives only when it’s easy and convenient.

Mentally tough people fully commit until the goal is reached, whether it’s hard or not.

The power of 100% commitment cannot be understated. Unfortunately, people who lack mental toughness rarely will experience what it means to be 100% committed to any meaningful goal.

They will take their ball and go home as soon as they get some negative feedback from a hater. Once things get too hard, they’ll make excuses about why it can’t be done. Worst of all, their lack of mental toughness is actually strengthening the habit to “quit when the going gets tough.”

Mentally tough people are different. They keep showing up no matter what.

That’s what commitment is all about.

It doesn’t matter if their manuscript has just been rejected for the 27th consecutive time, if they finished a grueling year-long recovery from an injury only to get re-injured shortly after getting back on the field, or if they are struggling to give up smoking.

Each and every day, mentally tough people commit to keep showing up and to work relentlessly toward their goal when weaker people would have quit.

If you want to be mentally tougher, here’s the only way to do it:

Keep showing up.

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