No rescue

As Tim Ferriss points out in his bestseller the Four Hour Workweek

Nine to five for your working lifetime of 40-50 years is a long time if the rescue doesn’t come.

About 500 months of solid work.

If you play the lottery, daydream but dont take action, fantasise about inheritance and generally are ‘waiting’ for good fortune and the ideal life then you need to stop.

In the UK,  The National Lottery started in 1997 and until I stopped playing in June 2013, I still had the same unshakeable belief that one day I would win big… One day….

For years I didn’t realise this was a version of the someday Isle..

By ‘delegating’ my vision of freedom and success to an outside force over which I have no control, I realised I was diluting my efforts in the hope of the ‘inevitable’ win which would set everything straight.

And I’m sure I’m not alone.

Were talking about money specifically in this instance, but the true message is to think deeply about your actions and thoughts of success.

Are you doing everything you can to be the best you can be or are you giving it half effort hoping to sustain just long enough for the ‘rescue team’ to arrive?

Like me, you may not even be aware you’re doing this and that’s the worst possible position- I spent 16 years putting my energy and money into the lottery and got very little if anything at all back.

Had I saved, invested or used that time and energy for something over which I did have more influence and control such as a business project or savings account then perhaps I would be further along the road to success (financial success)

My point is that age old  cliché- we either make plans for our lives or our lives make plans for us- the question is which rescue boat are you waiting for?

And what if it never arrives?