4 ways to embrace imperfections

Imperfection is all we have.

We live in an imperfect world.

But the reality is that perfection and imperfection don’t truly exist, they are simply words we use to describe what is and isn’t acceptable to us.

This article looks at 4 ways we can embrace the “imperfection” in our lives and not be so disappointed when things don’t go as we expect.

My favourite?

1. Accept that we are human and humans are messy.

I am most authentic when I am forced to humbly admit I don’t know everything and I sometimes make mistakes. This makes me much more likely to accept the imperfections in others and love them anyway.

It’s easier to be authentic when you take the pressure of perfection off the table—and it’s easier to be compassionate and kind when you understand everyone is messy.

Makes me think of this AWESOME track “human” (below)

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