How to worry productively

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it keeps you busy but gets you nowhere.

I am a worrier.

I know on a logical level that worry is of no real use.

I know that worrying is bad for my health and makes me feel bad.

But it also feels good.

It feels like I’m “preparing” or somehow dealing with the object of my worry.

But I’m not.

This post from Lifehacker talks about productive worrying, an oxymoronic term, and how using this checklist you can turn worry into action:

  1. Check your attitude. Decide that you are going to try to solve something, rather than just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.
  2. Identify a worry that may have a solution, and then clarify the worry by getting very specific about what exactly you are afraid will happen, and why that would be bad.
  3. Ask yourself for evidence. Is this worry based on something that has happened before? Do you have reason to believe it is realistic? Write that down, but then alsoconsider whether there is evidence against the worry coming true.
  4. Identify actions you can take to solve the problem. There may be more than one, so brainstorm a bunch.
  5. Write out the pros and cons of those actions. This will help you figure out which, if any, to take.
  6. Choose one of those actions, and try it. Afterwards, write down whether or not it helped.

Full post here.