Work hard, rest hard

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop

One of the fundamentals to making every day more fun is to understand the importance of rest.

Rest is not laziness, it’s a vital part of your life and as with anything it will pay if you learn how to rest effectively.

So how to get the best from your relaxation?

Make time for it

Schedule in rest time where your only goal is to relax. No multitasking, no feeling guilty or feeling lazy – resting is an activity like anything else and it requires your full attention.

Make it a routine

For me, the evening is the best time to focus on relaxing so you can easily transition to a good night’s sleep. Just as you would with a child, create a dimly lit peaceful environment for listening to soft music, reading, or simply being still.

Rest your body and mind

By tensing parts of your body for the count of 5 and then relaxing them, you can encourage a feeling of release and loosen the tensions you may have in your shoulders, in your face and all over your body.

Micro rest

I’ve been experimenting with micro-rests which involve me utilising even a few seconds in a queue or whilst I’m waiting for something. By closing my eyes and focussing on 5 deep breathes it feels like my whole body shifts gear and the tensions loosen. Such micro resting helps me litter my day with this feeling at every opportunity and leaves me feeling more refreshed.

I suffer with feelings of guilt when I’m not working at breakneck speed, so learning to rest has and be still is an effort (which is ironic of course) Over time the resting process has become easier and by napping, micro resting or even just sitting still you can turbo charge your energy and your mood to get the best from your day.

Remember to make time to rest – it pays just as well as hard work.