Constant dripping hollows a stone.

Trying to “change” your life, your health or your finances can be overwhelming and unclear at the best of times.

This idea from  Joshua Spodek takes a more logical approach, using the unique acronym SIDCHA to clarify the best course of action:

  • Self-Imposed: that is, you have to choose to do it. Going to work so you don’t lose your apartment doesn’t count.
  • Daily: if you don’t do it regularly, you’ll drop them. You don’t have to do it daily, but daily makes it harder to forget.
  • Challenging: easy things don’t help you. Watching TV, listening to music, and reading don’t qualify.
  • Healthy: it has to improve your health or well-being. Smoking doesn’t count.
  • Activity: you have to physically do something. Thinking about things doesn’t count. Writing does. Meditation does.

Rather than “easting healthy” or “drinking less”, pick something tangible you can do every single day.

You can thank me later..

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