274 Self-Care Ideas

Nothing like a good list!

This list of 274 self care activities and ideas is an awesome resource to keep on hand when you feel in need of a boost.

There are some obvious and cliched ideas in here, but also some new and unique things.

When you are feeling low or in need of something, this list will be just the thing to refer to 🙂

A little taster:

51. Watch or listen to your favorite comedy podcasts.

52. Watch your favorite classic films.

53. Wear a dress that makes you feel great.

54. Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and sip a cup of hot tea while reading a book.

17. Sit somewhere green and be still and quiet for a few minutes.

18. Soften your expectations of you and others.

19. Take a break from social media by deleting or deactivating it.

20. “Turn the other cheek” and be the better person when you disagree with someone.

Full list here.