Accelerate your Happiness with these 14 Steps

Finding ways to help you be happier and find happiness are always interesting.

Most of them are known to us, but we can get so lost in the detail of life that we need a reminder.

This post provides 14 ways to accelerate your happiness and of the 14 ways, this one stood out for me:


8. Realize That Everyone is your Teacher

Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. Every person you come across is a potential teacher or mentor.

Marcus Aurelius, the famous Roman Emperor, in his book, Meditations wrote:

“the span we live is small — small as the corner of the earth in which we live it.”

To make your view of the world clearer, and life larger, you have to: be open, ask the right questions, and continually test out new ideas. You need to reach out to potential teachers, and look for the gems in what they share with you.


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