74 Healthy Habits

Constant dripping hollows a stone.

Being healthy and living a balanced and healthy life is a culmination of many smaller actions and decisions, not one or two broad actions.

This post looks at 74 healthy habits to adopt across the various areas of your life, such as:


69. Love without judgement

Unless their behavior is a deal breaker, re-frame how you think about the other person’s flaws. To have real love, you have to love the real person. To see who someone truly is, they have to feel safe enough to show you without feeling judged. Your family, friends, and significant other should know that you love them, warts and all.

70. Forgive their mistakes

You aren’t perfect, and neither are your friends, your partner, or your family. When someone you love messes up, put yourself in their shoes. If it’s not worth ending the relationship over the mistake, forgive the person.

71. Be vulnerable and accept vulnerability

Being vulnerable can require practice in friendships and romantic relationships. With friends, this is your chance to show them who you are, and it gives them permission to be more open with you. With your partner, vulnerability with one another builds trust.


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