How can I be more resilient?

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Unsurprisingly, resilience comes down to taking care of yourself and giving yourself the best chance of success:


Look after your physical health

Taking steps to look after your physical health can help you to look after your mental health and reduce feelings of stress.

  • Get enough sleep. Stress can often make it difficult to sleep, and can cause sleep problems. Getting enough sleep can help you feel more able to deal with difficult situations.
  • Be active. Being physically active is important for both our physical and mental health. Even making small changes such as going for a regular walk outside may help you to feel less stressed.
  • Eat healthily. When you’re stressed, it can be tempting to skip meals or eat too much of the wrong kinds of food. But what you eat, and when you eat, can make a big difference to how well you feel. (See our pages on food and mood for more tips.)


This article contains some solid advice- if you’re feeling a bit fragile then this is for you.

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