6 Things Open-Minded People Do

Being open minded is one of the highest forms of intelligence.

Being able to accept and embrace the ideas of others takes discipline and modesty, but being ambivalent is quite something else.

To think contradictory thoughts about something shows a level of open mindedness and modesty that can only lead to progress and good things.

Very few things in life are Black and White and no-one can be right about everything.

Being open minded is the only way.


Accept + embrace the concept of ambivalence

The concept of ambivalence, or having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone, isn’t always an easy one for people to grasp. As stated in #2, we want answers and clarity. We want to know that there is a conclusion or at least an explanation. Open-minded people realize that this isn’t always the case, that there are often many situations in which feelings will be mixed, in which they might hold two contradicting ideas about something. Rather than resist this, open-minded people accept it and strive to embrace it. 

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