Quentin Kenihan

Quentin Kenihan is an inspiring Australian film director and motivational speaker. His story and his spirit are incredible:

Quentin has just released his autobiography ‘Not All Superheroes Wear Capes’. When he was a kid, Quentin Kenihan loved Superman. Ironic, really. That guy is a perfectly formed man of steel, while Quentin is not-so-perfectly formed, more chalk than steel. Quentin didn’t need kryptonite to reveal his weakness – born with a rare bone disorder, Osteogenesis imperfecta – his bones broke all on their own. When he was seven, Mike Willesee made a documentary about Quentin. Australians fell in love with his wit, humour and never-say-die attitude. Over the years he grew up before our eyes.

But there was a dark side to his painful disability and life in the public eye. The true story was never told… until now. By the time he was 18, Quentin had an extensive drug addiction. They were dark days, with boozy blackouts and thoughts of suicide. Battling his way through, Quentin went to rehab, cleaned up and, as he says, ‘stopped feeling sorry for himself’. Now Quentin is determined to live life the best he can. He’s a filmmaker, writer, stand-up comedian, radio host, disability advocate, media personality, actor and film critic. He’s hung out with Angelina, accidentally ripped Jennifer Lopez’s dress, acted alongside Charlize Theron, interviewed Julia Gillard, all the while showing that living in a wheelchair doesn’t mean staying still. This honest, at times heartbreaking, memoir is a story to inspire others to chase their dreams. Quentin Kenihan is living proof that superheroes don’t need capes, just the right attitude!

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