The monk who sold his Ferrari

If your life is worth thinking about, it’s worth writing about

This book, an international best-seller and the starting point of Robin Sharma‘s career was always one of those books I was going to read one day.

The trouble is, with a title such as this, I was unsure as to the quality of Robin’s world famous book, but thankfully, my fears were totally unnecessary.

A semi autobiographical fable, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the tale of an unfulfilled lawyer who seeks fulfilment and to answer some of life’s big questions.

Through enjoyable and compelling storytelling, Robin’s main character ultimately teaches the reader the “7 timeless virtues of enlightened living” – all designed to help those who feel equally unfulfilled in their lives.

The 7 timeless virtues are:

  1. Master your mind
  2. Follow your purpose
  3. Practice Kaizen
  4. Live with discipline
  5. Respect your time
  6. Selflessly serve others
  7. Embrace the present

Blending Robin’s timeless spiritual wisdom to application in the modern day, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is a best seller simply because it’s not another dry “self help” book – it’s a compelling and entertaining read which delivers it’s message effortlessly.

I highly recommend you pick up  a copy