Leadership lessons from LEGO

I suspect most children in the western world have fond memories of playing with LEGO- the excitement of creating something, using your imagination and being creative has kept LEGO in the hearts and minds of the world for years.

But could there be more to LEGO? could we learn more?

This Forbes.com article explores leadership lessons from LEGO and it’s fascinating as it puts a modern “grown up” twist on an innocent childhood toy.

These 5 lessons are clever, relevant and wholesome – just like LEGO itself ­čÖé

Lesson 1 – Start with what success looks like

Lesson 2– Consider interchangeable parts

Lesson 3 – Instructions are only so helpful

Lesson 4 – It’s more fun when more people are working together

Lesson 5 ┬á– The quality of the final product relies upon the input of imagination

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Having recently become a father myself, I know it’s toys like LEGO that will help me teach important lessons to my son whilst keeping them fun and engaging.