What’s on your home screen?

Think about how many times you look at your smartphone each day.

No, really think about it .

We must be talking 50-100+ times each day  (if you’re anything like me that is)

Well if you, like me, look at your phone that many times in a day then you have a great opportunity – your home screen.

Whatever is on your smartphone home screen will be seen a lot so it’s worth considering what it is – and not just a nice picture of your best side 😉

We al know that we get more of what we focus on, so focussing on your home screen is  a great chance to keep on track for important goals, remind you of your purpose, or to simply make you smile and stay happy.

This is all to do with your reticular activating system and the power of focus.

Possible home screen images include:

    • An inspiring quotation
    • Visualisation of a goal- an image of the house or holiday you want
    • Your WHY – for me, my why is my son Ralph (see below) – what’s yours?
    • A funny image or meme
    • ANYTHING that will make you smile, keep you motivated, or remind you of your goals and purpose.

Take some time today to consider the power of your home screen and if it could help you in your life.

This is my home screen – what’s yours?