Wake up on the bright side

Gratitude isn’t a burdening emotion

We’ve all heard about gratitude, being grateful and how that helps to focus on the positive but I’ve never managed to actually keep a regular routine and its always bugged me….

Mornings my mood is generally lower than the rest of the day and it got me thinking.

Why not be grateful at the start of the day instead of the end?

So for the last week I’ve woken up and whilst brushing my teeth thought about all the good things in my life.

Having worked in sales, I imagine I’m selling my life to someone and so have to focus on the benefits- why would they want to buy my life?

This simple technique has taken the edge off my morning blues and also boosted my self esteem.

Its not often we look at the positives and achievement in life, so its my preventative morning routine to ensure  I start the day the right way.

To help find the things you can be grateful for, imagine if you had to ‘sell’ your life  – what positives would you focus on?