My goal

It’s taken me 30 years (and counting) to get to this point but as of today I can reduce my life’s goal to a few simple words.

The long awaited goal (or life purpose) which has eluded me for years, and the quest for which has nearly driven me crazy.

But I’m finally here – and it’s a lot simpler than I ever imagined.

It’s taken me years of reflection, hundreds of books and numerous sleepless nights.

It’s made me become more aware of who I am and what I believe in, as well as push me to connect with others and share myself with the world.

It’s also made me consider my children- I want them to know that their father followed his heart and I can only hope they follow my example.

My goal –

To find and share inspiring content with those who need it.  Because every day should be fun.

So that’s it . That’s my goal.

Notice the lack of focus or mention of money, recognition, respect and authority – I was surprised by their absence too – but in the end it’s knowing you made a difference in the world that really counts.