My legacy

Legacy is greater than currency

That phrase has repeated over and over in my head since I first heard it thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk – Video below.

Having lived a life of unhappiness and having overcome so much difficulty, it was important for me to find meaning in my life.

It took quite some time but at the age of 30 I was happy to finally settle in and dedicate myself to my goal.

Having recently become a father, and with 30 years under my belt (at the time of writing) I am also looking to the future – both the next few decades of my life and beyond.

It’s my hope that this website becomes my legacy and my life’s work.

It’s my hope that my legacy is the the most comprehensive resource of inspiring material in the world – the number 1 place to find things to help inspire you to follow your heart.

It’s also my hope that many years from now when I’m gone, my legacy will live on and this website will help people for years to come.

Big hopes? Yes.

Big dreams? Yes.

But I want to give something valuable to the world, and to work on something greater than myself.

Enjoy the video