Inspiring People on Twitter

If you can’t explain something in a few words, try fewer.

Twitter is a great place to follow and interact with not only your friends, but also like-minded people and perhaps even those who you admire.

More importantly,  it can be a great source of daily inspiration and motivation if you follow the right people.

In my quest to share everything possible to make life more inspiring and fun, I am keeping a list of inspiring people to follow on Twitter.

I am on Twitter so follow me if you wish- I publish quotations daily and notify my followers of new posts here at Every Day Should Be Fun.



1. Neil Pasricha (1000 Awesome Things)

Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life which are the best. Neil recounts his list of 1000 awesome things via his Twitter feed daily. Some are interesting, some flippant, but all of them remind us to seek contentment from the little things.

2. Zig Ziglar

Around the clock tweets of quotations from the late, great Zig Ziglar.

3. The Dalai Lama

Religious or not, the wisdom being tweeted is always powerful in its brevity.

4. Dale Carnegie

Wise tweets from Dale Carnegie- the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People

5. Jim Rohn

Around the clock tweets of quotations from the late, great Jim Rohn

6. Eric Thomas

ET The Hip Hop Preacher posts quotations, links to his popular TGIM videos and is always humble and down to earth despite his huge success.

7. Addicted2Success

Addicted2Success is an entrepreneurial focussed website covering motivation and financial success based topics. Follow them for links to their great content and inspiring quotes and tips.

8. Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma tweets numerous times each day and it’s always a short and insightful quotation which gets you thinking.

9. Rev Run

A man of god, an 80s icon and a daily source of short insightful tweets to inspire you.

10. Paolo Coelho

Not all tweets are in English but all that are, are profound.

11. Brilliant Ads

OK so a Twitter account about adverts? Really? Yes. And it’s inspiring to see creative ideas at play- plus its a bit of fun ūüôā

12. Byron Katie

Beautiful pictures and wise words from the lady who encourages you to criticise others in order to change yourself.

13. UncleRush

Much like his brother RevRun, Russell Simmons tweets daily wisdom, advocates mindfulness and yoga.

14. Simon Sinek

The author of Start With Why, passionate about helping others find their passion and purpose in life

15. The Positive Troll

A recommendation from a friend, the Positive Troll tweets light hearted, positive and often witty notes to “sharpen your pitchfork of productivity”

16. Ted Talks / Ted Talks

If you love TED then you’ll love the two TED accounts tweeting to their vast archives of articles and videos.

17. Be Happy

In their own words “follow us for bits of happiness all throughout the day”

18. Leadership Freak

His goal is to positively impact others through sharing inspirational material- sounds like my kind of guy ūüôā

19. Leader Chat

Links to articles and resources focussed on leadership and leading others.

20. Tiny Buddha

An iPhone app as well as a Twitter account, Tiny Buddha offers “simple wisdom for complex lives”

21. Kid President

The Official Twitter for everyone’s favourite kid president. Tweeting wisdom and links to his videos.

22. Robert T Kiyosaki

Or Rich Dad as he is known- tweeting quotes, wisdom and links to his Rich Dad educational products.

23. Funders and Founders

Entrepreneurship and startups explained through inforgraphics – highly original and informative.

24. Noah Kagan

Tweeting thoughts, quotes and links to useful content with an entrepreneurial focus.

25. Chatting with Champions

Podcast interviews with successful entrepreneurs and inspiring articles.

26. Dale Partridge

Positive blogger, inspirational tweeter and founder of The Daily Positive

27. 99u

Tweeting wisdom and links to their own  content

28. Good

GOOD is a place to share creative solutions for living well and doing good.

29. Brendon Burchard

Links to pictures, videos and Brendon’s refreshingly simple approach to life.

30. Deepak Chopra

The ulitmate “new age guru” dispensing wisdom and well being 140 characters at a time.

31. Ralph Marston

Creator of, delivering wholesome wisdom daily since 1995- yes 1995!

32. Life Manifestos

Tweeting their weekly inspiration blog posts and linking to their products too.

33. Joel Osteen

I’m not religious, neither is this blog but Joel tweets insight and inspiration daily- god optional.

35. Big Think

“Get Smarter, faster, for success in the knowledge economy”

36. Action for happiness

A movement of people building happier society through personal change and Happiness Pledges.

37. Headspace

A company dedicated to meditation, mindfulness and getting some “headspace” (of course!)

38. Happify

Exploring the science of happiness.

39. Isaiah Hankel

Tweeting original wisdom, links to his blog and advocating focus.

40. Jeffrey Moore

Creator of Every Day Power Blog, tweeting links to his content, quotations and often some interesting infographics about success and motivation.

41. Positively Present

Tweets focussing on being present and of course being positive

42. Funders and Founders

Explaining the world of entrepreneurship and start-ups using infographics.

43. Moral Stories

They post very rarely, but when they do it’s worth the wait- tweeting links to their Moral Stories content.

44 Evan Carmichael

He s in entrepreneurs.

45. ChopraCenter

Deepak Chopra’s Twitter account, bringing you wisdom, mindfulness and meditation around the clock.

46. Intent

Intent is a community where members can share their dreams and aspirations, and receive support from others. 

47. The Optimist

An independent international media platform focused on solutions, possibility and inspiration.

48. Motivation Place TV

Life hacks, habits & quotes for the creative entrepreneur.

49. Marc and Angel

Full-time students of life & admirers of the human spirit. They have spent the past decade studying & writing about what it takes to find happiness, love & peace.

50. Popular Psychology

A daily boost of research-based happiness. 

51. Inspire Me Today

There to help you remember that you, and you alone, have the power to do, be or create anything in your life that you desire.

52. Remez Sasson (Success Consciousness)

Writes on how to develop mental strength, inner peace, and skills to make you strong, positive and successful.

53. Karen Salmansohn (not Salmon)

Best selling happiness author with over 1 million books sold – plus a designer, Oprah & Psychology Today columnist, and proud mommy!

54. Chris Guillebeau

NYT bestselling author, has visited every country in the world between 2002-2013.

55. Marie Forleo

Marie’s here to help you make a difference & be your happiest, wisest & most loving self.¬†

56. Super Soul Sunday

Oprah Winfrey presents a show to surprise and enlighten..tweets to the content.

57. Elliott Hulse

Tweeting links to his no nonsense advice videos, Elliott tells it how it is.

58. The Success Soup

The Success Soup is the newest online digital magazine for Entrepreneurs, bringing you Motivation, Business Tips & Entrepreneurial news.  

59. Hooplaha

HooplaHa was created as your instant dose of uplifting, feel-good, inspirational content guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

60. Positive Atmosphere

Connecting Positive People to Inspire and Empower.

61. Finer Minds

The #1 go-to source for anyone on a path of personal transformation. Grow your mind, body and spirit. Expand your horizons. Be inspired.

62. Brad Montgomery

Funny Motivational Speaker. Funny keynote speeches with serious business messages. Happiness-at-Work Expert.

63. Bob Proctor

Expert in Human Potential and the Mind. Best Selling Author. Professional Speaker and Coach

64. The Change Blog

A community of 40,000 people making positive change happen.

65. Belief Net

World’s largest multi-faith, spirtuality and inspiration website.

66. Milk The Pigeon

Helping lost 20 somethings get un-lost, destroy ordinary, and create insanely awesome, meaningful lives.

67. Benny Hsu

Blogger. Appreneur. Ditched the strategy of hope and took action to change his life. Not searching for the meaning of life, but the experience of being alive.

68. Awesomeness Fest

An event that brings together entrepreneurs in a paradise location to accomplish one small goal – to change the world.

69. Jason Silva

Futurist, Film maker and Creator of

70. Fulfillment Daily

New online magazine delivering the latest science-backed news for a happier life.

71. The Mankind Project

The ManKind Project helps men become better Fathers, sons, friends,partners and husbands.

72. BrainPump

Random educational videos. Learn something new.

73. LiveHappy

Inspiring people to find authentic happiness & connection in their lives.

74. Rory Vaden (Daily Disciplne Blog)

Self-Discipline Strategist, Speaker & NYT bestselling author of Take the Stairs. Helping people achieve their goals in life!

75. Purpose Fairy

Writer, blogger, soul sculptor and a lover of life.

76. Barrie Davenport (Live Bold and Bloom)

Life passion, habit creation and confidence coach, author, and founder of Live Bold and Bloom.

77. PeaceJam

Nobel laureates mentoring youth to change the world. Change starts here.

78. Jay White (Dumb Little Man)

Jay White is the creator of Dumb Little Man and champion of anything that makes life and work more efficient.

79. Work Awesome

For people who want to b awesome at work.

80. Do Something Different.

Changing behaviour with small positive actions – or One Do At A Time.

81. Greater Good

Based at UC Berkeley, studying and teaching skills that foster a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

82. Lewis Howes

Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Former pro athlete. Write books + dirty salsa dancer. USA National Team Handball athlete.

83. Louis Cole

Louis enjoys travelling the world with friends, making videos, having fun and inspiring others!

84. PrinceEA

PRINCE EA РRichard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA, is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist from St Louis, Missouri. His goal is to make people laugh, cry, think, and love with the ultimate goal to evolve.

85. Positive News UK

Inspirational news, features & comment from the world’s first positive newspaper.

86. Peter GJ Sinclair (Motivational Memo Blog)

Heart to Heart Resuscitation Specialist!

87. Sean Stephenson

Ridding the world of insecurity.

88. Super Hero You

Level up your life with productivity tips, inspirational examples of real-life superheroes, and more.

89. Go For No

Helping people overcome Fear of Failure & Rejection.

90. Spark People

#1 Health & Fitness Site in America, helping you lead a healthier life!

91. Elevated Today

Don’t be average. Be better. Elevate yourself today!

92. Daniel Pink

Author of 5 books. Father of 3 kids. Husband of 1 wife.

93. Roger Crawford

Motivational Keynote Speaker & Best Selling Author.

94. Project Semicolon

Project Semicolon is a faith-based non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and love to those who struggle with depression, self-injury, & suicide.

95. James Clear

Entrepreneur, weightlifter, and travel photographer in 20+ countries.

96. Goodnet

Gateway to Doing Good.

97. Good News Shared

Celebrating the impact & achievements of / / .

98. Jon Gordon

Husband, Father, Best-selling author and speaker. Passionate about developing positive leaders, organizations and teams.

99. LetsGraph

Simplifying life using silly graphs.

100. Scott Smith

Host of the most popular daily motivation program in the history of iTunes – The Daily Boost!

101 Jonathon Wells (

Founder: Advanced Life Skills ‚Äď Strategies for Positive Change. Author, Blogger, Certified Coach, Student of Life.

102. Foolishness File

Educating entrepreneurs with the mistakes of others.

103. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is modern meditation for young people. It’s a simple process that gives a sense of calm, clarity & contentment.

104. CNN Heroes

Celebrating everyday people changing the world.

105. Milkshake

Milkshake is a free weekly email featuring all that’s good – products, travel, music, eco, people and causes – that give back in some way and make a difference.

106. Elephant Journal

Waylon Lewis & the Eleditors share their favourite articles on mindful living,

107. Gives Me Hope

It’s Chicken Soup For the Soul – Twitter-style.

108. Jane Taylor

Leadership Coach | Speaker | Founder of Habits For Wellbeing.¬†Ready to Reclaim Your Courage & Ignite Your Worthiness? Living Your Truth… One Habit at a Time.

109. Success Wallpapers

I create and provide free, high-res inspirational wallpapers focusing on a large and growing variety of topics on success, motivation, and self-improvement.

110. Seth Godin

Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of his blog.

111. Entrepreneur magazine

Inspiring, informing and celebrating entrepreneurs since 1973.

112. Evan Carmichael

Hes in entrepreneurs.

113. The Happy Channel

The Happy Channel¬ģ is the place for all things ! Smile, lift, inspire and share! ūüôā

114. Guy Kawasaki.

Mantra: I empower people. Chief evangelist of . Author of thirteen books. Former chief evangelist of Apple.

115. Len Wilson

Christ follower. Storyteller. Strategist. Writer.

116. You Got This Bro

Empowering Bro(ette)s to succeed, dream & be happy. Working constantly across our social medias to remind you that

117. HappiHabits

Dr Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist | 12 wk Happi Habits program to boost your well-being | Come and get your happy on


The best of mindfulness-based practices and a community for the growing mindfulness movement. Mindful magazine, digital products, events, and partnerships.

119. Erik Weihenmayer

He climbed Everest and the Seven Summits. He solo white water kayaked 277 miles through the Grand Canyon. By the way, he’s totally blind.

120. Be More With Less

Simplify and create a life with more health and less stress, more time and less stuff, more savings and less debt, more joy and less obligation.

121. A Life Of Productivity

Tips, tools, and techniques to become more productive.

122. The Bold Life

Courage coach, published author, speaker, adventurous, traveller and fun! I can help you be bold!

123. Hey Sigmund

‘Where the science of psychology meets the art of being human’.

124. You Are Not Stuck

We’re all lucky to HAVE choices; we just have to be brave enough to MAKE them.

125. Develop Good Habits

Build a better life–one habit at a time.

125 Ted Ed

TED-Ed, TED’s education initiative, is an online library of short, captivating videos that engage inquisitive learners all over the world.

126 Steven Aitchison

“The UKs No1 Personal Development Blogger.”

127. University of Minnesota’s center for spirituality and healing

University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality & Healing enhances health and wellbeing through education, research and outreach to advance integrative health

128. Kyle Cease

Transformational Comedian.

129. Your Kick Ass Life

Life coach. Author. Podcaster. Helping high achieving women manage perfectionism & their bitchy inner-critics to create courage & confidence instead.

130. Do A little Goodness

Put in a request to send someone a custom written love letter, inspirational note, poem, ecard, or song dedication. No charge, only the goodness in your heart!

131. The Forgiveness Project

TFP is a peace organisation that uses personal stories to create opportunities for people to choose forgiveness.

132. Happy & Well

How can we be happy? How do we learn? How should we live? Find out at our hugely popular Happiness & Its Causes and Mind & Its Potential conferences.

133. Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is The Attitude Guy. Sam is regarded as one of the country’s top motivational kick off and closing keynote speakers and authors – (ask anyone!)

144. Leo Gura /

Professional self-development junkie, life coach, video blogger, entrepreneur, and speaker. I help people design awesome lives.

145. Me to We

ME to WE is an innovative social enterprise that offers socially conscious and environmentally friendly products and life-changing experiences.

146. Happy Counts

The Happiness Initiative is a tool to promote social justice. We provide all the resources needed to begin a project in your community, workplace, or campus!

147. Neil hughes

Humour, anxiety and happiness. Author of ‘Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life: A Guide for Anxious Humans’, occasional comedian and internet person.

148. Inspower

Inspirational, motivational quotes and more.

149. Positivity World

A New Magazine for Life Enrichment and Business & Professional Success.

150. Your Positive Attitude

A community that promotes and inspires the power of a positive attitude and it’s ability to overcome all obstacles.

151. Jay Shetty

HuffPost Vlogger | Strategist | Speaker |  Leader | Meditation Coach

152. John C Maxwell

Our mission is to inspire, challenge and equip leaders to live out leadership.

153. One Wise Life

Tap IN and Turn ON your inner wisdom and Create the life you LOVE. Using twitter to spread love, light and inspiration.

154. Super Nice Club

Have a Super Nice Time doing Super Nice things. Pretty simple.

155. Freakonomics

The hidden side of everything: books, blog, podcasts, etc.

156. Goalcast

Dedicated to helping you improve all aspects of your life. We provide you with practical advice, resources & motivation to help you realize your full potential.

157. Science of us

A window into the latest science of human behaviour, from .

158. Truth Inside of You

Be Inspired, Think Forward and Enjoy Life!

159. Very Well

Health and wellness is a journey.  is with you every step of the way. Know more. Feel better.

160. Quick and Dirty Tips

A podcast network & website helping you do things better. Tips on grammar, nutrition, fitness, health, psychology, productivity, money & more.

161. The Burned Hand.

The burned hand teaches best.

162. Attitude is Altitude

Attitude is Altitude is on a mission to spread a message of inspiration around the world.

163. London Real

People Worth Watching. Hosted by Brian Rose.

164. Daily Stoic

Stoic wisdom for everyday life.

165. The Mind’s Journal

We talk what the Mind thinks.

166. Be A Super Hero Today

BAST! Our goal is to inspire , big or small. We can all Be A Superhero Today!

167. Early To Rise

Our mission is to help you be healthy, wealthy and wise. Live a life well lived.

168. Project Life Mastery

I’m an entrepreneur, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.

169. Sketches in Stillness.

An art journal, featuring little cartoons celebrating the art of living in the present moment.

170. Inside Quest

meets amazing people to teach you the universal principles of success you can apply to your life!

171. The Happy Newspaper

A Newspaper to celebrate all that’s good in the world. A platform to share positive news and wonderful people.

172. Inspirational Stangers

 is a blog focused on sharing inspiring stories of every day people making a difference.

173. The Master Shift

A not for profit that creates Global Synchronized Meditations to uplift humanity.

174. Visualise Yourself Beyond Ordinary

Visualize Yourself Beyond Ordinary. Motivation, Success & Hip Hop.

175. Wait but Why

A popular long-form, stick-figure-illustrated blog about almost everything.

176. Thought Catalog

All thinking is relevant.

177. Philosophy Matters

Articles, blog posts, calls for papers, conference announcements, memes on a variety of matters philosophical. and absolutely no cats.

178. The Mighty

We face disability, disease and mental illness together.

179. Giving Tuesday

The world’s biggest day of giving.

180. Uplifting Content

Because The World Needs More Of It. We create and share entertaining, uplifting and transformative content.

181. Shine Text

A daily text to get your life right. We’ll send you daily tips on wellbeing, self-care and joy.

182. NED

Hi, I’m NED from The NED Show. I like talking to kids about positive behavior and character traits. To relax, I make free lessons and resources for teachers.

183. Mel Robbins

Author. Speaker. CEO. MidWesterner.

184. Future Me

Where millions of people write letters to the future.

185. Happy Place

An interactive pop-up experience that exudes all things happy.

186. Happy Not Perfect

Be Happy Not Perfect. The app that helps you manage life with a glass half full.

187. Thrive Global

More than living. Thriving.


Inspiring quotation/wisdom tweeting accounts:

  1. Appreciate Grattitude
  2. Blue Sea
  3. Great Minds Quotes
  4. Confidence Quotes
  5. Cameron Morrissey
  6. BrainyQuote
  7. Quotes About Life
  8. Zen Moments
  9. The Daily Zen
  10. Be More Confident
  11. GreatnessHQ
  12. Spiritual Truths
  13. Life Manifesto
  14. Quote Cocktail
  15. Spoken_ly
  16. Makers of Change
  17. Think Different
  18. JohnCMaxwell
  19. Brian Tracy
  20. UberMotivator
  21. You in bloom
  22. Secret Blue Butterfly
  23. Mateusz M
  24. Positive Plant
  25. David Roads Motivational Quotes
  26. Inspire Us
  27. You Are Magnificent
  28. T Harv Eker
  29. Self Growth
  30. Positive Life Tips
  31. MotivatingDaily
  32. Secrets2Success
  33. Deep Life Quotes
  34. SuccessStory
  35. Keep Inspiring Me
  36. Victoria Brown


….More to come!

If you’d like to suggest something then please¬†contact me.